On the ground floor there a dining room/common room, which has an uninterrupted view of Snowdon, weather permitting. Also on the ground floor is a small but adequate kitchen and a supply cupboard (underneath the stairs) containing spare light bulbs, toilet rolls and some waste bags etc. On the first floor there are two dormitories; one having bunk beds for eleven people and the other having bunk beds for five people


Washing Facilities

The toilet block is situated to the rear of the cottage and is divided into male and female sections, each containing a toilet, shower and two hand basins. To the rear of this building is a small but normally adequate drying room with fan heater and dryer.


Heating Lighting and Cooking

All equipment in the cottage is of an electrical type. There is a large domestic type cooker (rings, grill and oven), refrigerator, urn and kettle. Hot water for washing up is supplied to the sink by a small water heater; there is an adequate supply of cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils in the cottage.